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Niles International is The Expanded Metal Companies and The Advanced Composites Group. We manufacture expanded metal mesh, plastics, polymers and Nano-based custom blended resins for our heating systems.

All Niles International business groups operate under ISO 9001 quality standards and our Aerospace division is further certified to AS9100. We are committed to continuous improvement in processes and product to efficiently deliver the best world-class solutions that improve our customers’ businesses.

The Expanded Metal Companies

The Expanded Metal Companies are a portfolio of businesses that manufacture the most complete selection of product offerings for expanded mesh materials. Operating under three divisions: Industrial, Security, and Precision, we push the levels of imagination to show what we can achieve together with expanded metal.

The constant reinforcement of this reality forms the standards for our work and the path from the concept to finished product. Every challenge is a further incentive for us to efficiently utilize our knowledge and technical skills in the wide range of markets we serve.

Our mission is to be the world’s leading source for expanded metal production, development and information. We will be driven by creative innovation and working together with you, our customers, to develop the endless possibilities of our products.

Industrial Products Division

Niles Expanded Metals, located in Niles, Ohio, was founded in 1959, and is a private, family-owned and operated company. We focus the product line and service on the specific needs for our steel service centers and building product suppliers.

We stock a complete range of expanded metal mesh, gratings and accessories in Aluminum, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel T-304 and T-316.

We manufacture expanded materials in plastics, brass, bronze, copper, nickel alloys, most stainless steels, titanium and virtually any ductile material.

All products are available in sheet and coil with custom sizes also available.

Security Products Division

Not content with a single purpose manufacturing unit and always looking for continuous improvement in products and process, we began the search for what to do next. We wanted to grow our business doing what we knew how to do best, so we looked for new ways to increase the market demand for expanded metals. In 2006, we launched Niles Fence and Security Products.

Niles Fence and Security Products is a distributor of SECUREXTM expanded metal mesh security fence systems, accessories, security gates, railing systems, and building products.

SECUREXTM expanded metal mesh fence and security products give you the ability to select the framework and expanded metal mesh that best suits your particular job. SECUREXTM products are available in a full spectrum of expanded metal mesh patterns, openings, materials, and gauges that are tailored to meet your requirements.

SECUREXTM expanded metal mesh fence systems feature expanded metal fence panels that attach to most any existing fence framework of pipe, tubing, and rails with a series of fittings designed specifically for our mesh. Additionally, the SECUREXTM expanded metal mesh fence panels can be retrofitted over existing chain link fence or framework using existing posts and rails.

Precision Technologies Division

Our committed efforts to grow and expand our product offering led us to Niles Expanded Technologies (NExT). In the creation of NExT we re-tooled, re-imagined, and built a new division from a clean slate retaining our core beliefs and principles founded under Niles Expanded Metals. We discovered that, just like our industrial products customers, our new customers want specific solutions for their requirements. So, NExT is focused on two different, yet equally demanding markets: Precision and Aerospace. In 2011 we completed construction and began operations of NExT.

Niles Expanded Technologies/Precision (NExT Precision) is a manufacturer of precision Micro Mesh, Poly Mesh, ExperfTM, the perforated mesh alternative, and Architectural metal mesh products and systems.

NExT offers you what is possible with expanded metal mesh products with new patterns, ideas, and applications. A virtually limitless spectrum of mesh assures an individual appearance. Expanded metal mesh is available in diamond, hexagonal, square and our round ExperfTM. Add to that our ability to create solid, ribbon, and variable strand characteristics into the sheet or coil.

A custom solution for an extensive range of parts and applications is what we do at NExT. From the moment we considered what is NExT, we knew that every market has its own rules, and we would have to respond to new challenges. Working with you we are able to apply individual and exceptional manufacturing concepts in expanded materials.

Niles Expanded Technologies/Aerospace (NExT Aerospace) is a manufacturer of Aeromesh, expanded metal mesh foils for lightning strike protection in composite structures.

Expanded Metal Mesh Foil (EMF) is a widely used material for lightning strike protection in carbon composite aircrafts. Our foils are available as Expanded Copper Mesh Foil (ECF) and Expanded Aluminum Mesh Foil (EAF).

Expanded Metal Mesh Foils are a one-piece lightweight material with no welds overlapping joints. Expanded Metal Mesh Foils are available in a range of thicknesses and open area and provide effective and proven protection for all zones.

The Advanced Composites Group

After a successful launch of our NExT manufacturing group we continued our pursuit for growth in our products. We had a brief look at a Nano-based product that proved to require more R&D, consulted with Darren Boyce on a similar technology, and a joint venture between Niles International and Boyce Components ensued. At The Advanced Composites Group (ACG) we develop and manufacture a suite of technologies from the best available materials using Nano-enhanced resins, films, and non-woven fabrics for integration into composite materials.

Our process integrates Expanded Copper Metals Foils (ECF) as electrodes and a proprietary dispersion and blending process that combines Carbon Nano Fibers (CNF) or Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT) with any commercially available resin to make radiant styled heaters to create heated surfaces, tooling, and composite structures.

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