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Expanded Metal Mesh for Security Fencing

SECUREX expanded metal mesh is your alternate security solution to the other mesh and wire materials. Our security fencing system offers the highest safety measures for numerous industries. It is designed to help deter unwarranted access, delay attacks and detect potential problems before they arise. The security mesh provides a security barrier in all applications and has anti-cut and anti-climb properties. Expanded metal mesh is available in a variety of frameworks, diamond size openings and gauges that can be specifically tailored to meet your requirements.

Niles is an industry leader and your business partner of choice for outdoor perimeter security fencing solutions. We are the top specialist in expanded metal mesh security products, service, and application innovation. We also specialize in the design, supply, and integration of total perimeter solutions. Our experience covers the most security-sensitive assets such as Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Military & Defense, Correctional Facilities, Data Centers, and Transportation Facilities. We have redefined the standards of excellence for the entire industry and continue to provide our clients with the best security fencing applications. With our expanded metal mesh, complete perimeter protection is guaranteed.

SECUREX expanded metal mesh is formable and rigid mesh installed on framing (both metal and wood). With gypsum board applied to its surface to conceal the mesh, it provides a considerable barrier to security breach across the area where applied. The mesh can also be used without gypsum board to provide an enhanced see-through protection of security in walls, ceilings as well as floors. Our mesh is produced in different size mesh openings, thicknesses, metals and finishes for minimum to maximum security protection.

SECUREX contains high-strength protection security mesh and also offers a cost effective and time-saving alternative to reinforced concrete or concrete masonry systems.

Our SECUREX SX 3000 Expanded Metal Security Cages are designed to offer the maximum in protection while providing strength, visibility and ventilation. Security cages offer the flexibility to choose a configuration that best suits your needs and are available with or without ceilings and also feature a post and panel design.

Warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities commonly use mesh partitions for tool cribs, maintenance cages, machine guarding and general inventory storage areas. Mesh partitions are also utilized in data centers for security and separation of computer servers, to divide colocation facilities, for temporary holding cells and evidence storage cages by law enforcement and for pharmaceutical storage needs.

Niles remains the leading manufacturer of expanded metal security mesh. SECUREX expanded metal security mesh features increased protection benefits with anti-climb, anti-cut and other material protection properties. Our wide range of stock security mesh panel openings, thicknesses, and material choices to allow you to design most any partition or storage configuration to meet your application and security fencing requirements.

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