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Expanded metal mesh is highly versatile and cost-effective due to how the material expands in the manufacturing process. All architectural metals consist of expanded metal mesh which is a self-contained piece of metal that won’t unravel. Its properties are: strong, lightweight, rigid, with adaptable transparency and allows free passage of air, light, heat, and sound. We design architectural mesh patterns to meet your specific requirements from aluminum and carbon steel on a custom order basis from a variety of stock tooling patterns.

Architectural Metals

Architects and designers of retail displays, store fixtures and trade show booths are always looking for ways to refine their creations. Architectural expanded metal mesh opens designs to the imagination; it provides color, dimension, and structure, reacts to light, and is flexible and easily formed. Mesh designs are available in multiple transparencies to serve in virtually any application that call for mesh and wire cloth materials.

Architectural metals open up new possibilities in design and flexibility. These extraordinary building products are available to change the retail design landscape. Contact us today and design your project with architectural meshes from Niles International.

Architectural Metals

Niles features a variety of architectural mesh patterns (and soon to be released attachment hardware). From wall covering to ceilings, space shaping and unique architectural touches, Niles provides architectural metals worthy of the highest-profile interiors.

Extraordinary residential design demands exceptional, unique and beautiful materials. Niles architectural metal mesh is designed and skillfully manufactured for your unique project

Niles architectural metals add aesthetics to walls, ceilings, columns and doors, in a reflective, textured and durable metal structure. These mesh materials work hand-in-hand and improve other building systems. The materials also create dramatic effects with reflected light of any color, making its design possibilities virtually endless.

Architectural Metals

Niles mesh panels may be installed in most any way to allow for optimal transparency and shading. The customizable mesh panels create aesthetic, rigid, cascading effects of metal fabric, which form an impressive exterior design. Architectural metals are durable and corrosion resistant, which reduces repair and replacement costs. Unlike traditional alternatives, architectural metal is more beautiful, functional and lasts for decades.

There are many possibilities for various mesh design applications including variable transparency which diffuses light while concealing building HVAC, electrical and fire protection systems. With transparency controls, the mesh is an ideal alternative material in acoustics to control sound.

Architectural Metals

The expanded metal mesh is lightweight, strong and rigid and retains it shape after years of usage. Metal designs come in a variety of material types and custom decorative patterns. Architectural meshes provide privacy and allow visibility with control to air and light. All custom designs are economical and created with improved functionality. Find your fit by visiting our expanded metal page.

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