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Micro metal mesh materials are an excellent alternative to traditional medical mesh for clean rooms and in surgical procedures as micro-filtration and surgical mesh for organ and muscle repairs. With various patterns and customization, expanded metal material is beneficial as micro metal mesh through added value, enhanced appearance, and reduced overall costs. Niles is continuously working with industry experts to expand applications and advance the technology

Micro Metal Mesh

We design micro metal mesh for coronary stent placement and angioplasty procedures. The small, tube-shaped mesh device supplies blood to the heart, which helps prevent coronary heart disease. Our mesh is created specifically to provide safety and flexibility in stent device placement. The stent mesh device helps to reduce chest pain and show enhanced survivability during heart attacks.
The coronary stents, made of our micro metal mesh, are placed in the coronary arteries, into which a bare-metal stent, a drug-eluting stent, a bioabsorbable stent, a dual-therapy stent (combination of both drug and bioengineered stent), or occasionally a covered stent is inserted.

Micro Metal Mesh

Our micro metal mesh is designed for surgical materials in providing temporary or permanent organ and tissue support. The surgical mesh is a loosely woven sheet and includes inorganic and biological materials. Although hernia repair is arguably the most common application for surgical mesh, other surgeries like cosmetic reconstruction also apply.

The mesh is created to support prolapsed organs. Additionally, the surgical mesh is able to show improvements in the progression of growth health for damaged tissue. Our surgical mesh designs for device implementation are able to survive all relative forms of actions or movement.

Micro Metal Mesh

Industries like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and food processing demand top quality air cleanliness for airborne particulates as well as environmental control over atmospheric contamination, temperature, and humidity.

Our precision micro metal mesh serves as filter media support, function, and sound control for medical clean rooms. The mesh can be designed for general ventilation, air conditioning system applications, electric motors, and plenum air for working areas. With our improved manufacturing process, the micro mesh material is an economical and a very durable option over other filter counterparts. The material is easily fabricated and its uses extend beyond filtration and ceilings.

Micro Metal Mesh

Niles produces strong, flexible and easily customizable medical micro metal mesh. We can manufacture mesh from aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, nickel, precious metals and most any ductile materials and in select polymers. Micro metal mesh materials are available in many finishes that can be supplied in sheet and coil.

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