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Composites are a preferred material for many applications across all industries world-wide. Composite products of all kinds will benefit from the ability to heat internally and efficiently. Our advantage is to enable new never before seen heated product to be sold to the market and to improve the design and efficiency of current heaters.

  • Embedded in-ground heating
  • Radiant panels
  • Heated drum and storage containers
  • Pool and spa heaters

The advantage of these heater are low cost, compatibility and full integration with-in the composite structure and virtually unlimited sizes and designs.

Use of composites in place of traditional metal is becoming more popular due to cost. Composite structures are more vulnerable to damage from lightning, but expanded metal mesh now offers proven protection. Niles offers a variety of expanded mesh foils to composite structure manufacturers for lightning strike protection.

  • General aviation aircraft
  • Private and personal aircraft
  • Wind turbines
  • Oil, gas and petroleum storage.
  • Pipelines

Composite materials are either not conductive or significantly less conductive than metals. Expanded mesh foils provide adequate conductive paths so that lightning current remains on the structure’s exterior.

Using the combined technology for heating and lightning strike protection Niles has developed a de-icing/anti-icing solution for composite structures. We combine the same expanded mesh foils with most any commercial or proprietary resins to offer de-icing/anti-icing for composite surfaces. The material may be used in place of current liquid and mechanical methods to control icing.

  • Military aircraft
  • General & private aircraft
  • Pipelines
  • Water and sewer
  • Wind turbines
  • Roads and Bridges
  • Roofing

This new application can now be developed to clear ice that has already formed and prevent ice from forming on most any composite surface or structure. Cost and environmental benefits are limitless.

Through our Advanced Composites Group, we have a large list of heating technologies developed specifically for our client’s needs and expectations.

The first of our applications include embedded in-ground heaters, which have large span capabilities. It is used in asphalt or concrete roadways along with residential driveways, pedestrian walkways, bridges and sidewalks.

Next, we develop radiant panels and floor heaters, which are used in the workplace, households or other environments. Applications include heated, decorative ceiling and wall panels, habitat heaters for animals or pets and panels for manufactured homes, utility rooms, RVs and more. We also include heated chairs and furniture for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

We also provide liquid heating products for above and below ground storage heating and composite tank storage anti-icing.

The food service industry is also inclusive of heated liquid storage and processing equipment. This includes restaurant service products, farming, agriculture, food storage and handling equipment.

Other applications include pool product heaters for spas, aquariums, showers, tubs and underwater heating, mold heaters for general fiberglass molds and low/high temperature curing/heating, and mirror heaters for OEM heating applications. Roof and surface mounted anti-icing is also available for colder conditions.

With each varying application, we aim to provide our clients with the best heating system technologies.

There are many benefits from our developed and newly created composite materials. We use the best available materials using Nano-enhanced resins, films and non-woven fabrics for integration into composite materials. The primary advantages of The Advanced Composites Group feature compatibility and full integration within composite products and virtually unlimited sizes met with lower costs.

Since composites are one of the most preferred material for specific applications across all industries around the world, we guarantee our newly improved or created products will meet your expectations. All types of composite products benefit from internal and efficient heating abilities. Likewise, we take every opportunity to create new heated products while improving the design and efficiency of current heaters in order to sell them to the market. Our listed products are either brand new, original heaters or are improvements of existing heaters.

As a result, we consistently bring new and improved heating products to the market in order to positively impact diverse industries. All panels and other heaters come in extra sizes for more specific applications. Through the innovation of our Advanced Composites Group, we are able to produce composite products that are not only applicable to numerous industries but are also satisfactory for our clients.

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