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Founded in 1959 as Niles Expanded Metals, we have focused on the production only one product, Expanded Metal Mesh. In our 55+ years of innovation, research, and technology, we have expanded our reach from industrial products to become designers and manufacturers the most complete range of expanded mesh in metals, plastics and polymers.

Now as The Expanded Metal Companies of Niles International, we manufacture products that are used for industrial, commercial, security, automotive, architectural, medical, power, energy, and heating.

Our success will be achieved from our commitment to our MISSION STATEMENT as we continue our push to develop new mesh patterns, technology and applications in each unique product segment we serve.

Expanded Metal Mesh

Niles understands and values the role that our service centers and distributors play in the supply chain. We collaborate closely to understand the needs from that supply chain to provide flexibility in production that result in the best lead-times along with competitive pricing.

Our distribution customers can select from the most complete line of industrial expanded metal mesh patterns in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel. Should they require something outside of stock, Niles can produce mesh in most any pattern from most any ductile metal. Niles produces expanded metal mesh in sheet and coil, which offers our supply chain additional options compared to other manufacturers.

Expanded Metal Mesh

Infrastructure, specifically public and business, include facility structures, equipment, services, and institutions that are essential to the economy and quality of life of a nation, region, or city. Public infrastructure includes airports, roads, bridges, tunnels, water supply, telecommunications and electrical grids that are critical to both quality of life and economic productivity. Business infrastructure includes networks, buildings, communications and information services that are considered fundamental to the day to day functions of an organization.
The use of expanded metal mesh our nation’s infrastructure is quite common but often overlooked due to how and where it is used. Niles supplies the infrastructure market with a full range of expanded metal mesh products and facades in a variety of patterns, materials and high quality finishes.

Expanded Metal Mesh

In petrochemical applications, expanded metal mesh grating is typically used as platform and walkway gratings and stair treads. Expanded metal mesh gratings are both efficient safe.

Due to the expanded manufacturing process, there is no waste and the product is structurally stronger than the material from which it was produced. Expanded metal mesh saves material and costs less. Expanded metal mesh resists accumulated snow and dirt and provides transparency and ventilation. Expanded metal mesh also has a slip resistant surface and can be designed for light to moderate pedestrian loads.

Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded Metal Mesh is the right product for many industrial products due to the ability to choose from most any ductile metals, a large variety of mesh patterns and open areas. Our expanded metal mesh is lightweight with high strength to weight ratio, permitting the control of air, light, heat, liquid, visibility, sound, as well as support.

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